21 de noviembre de 2008

Out In The Back

Lately, in the short moments when I realize I´m forgetting the things that keeps me focus I wonder if having a scar in my neck would help me remembering everything.

Somehow, I just can´t stop this obnoxious feeling that while I keep working and getting busy all day, my appereance becomes even more and more like any regular person, the thing that scares me about this, is that for a while now, I don´t feel the urge to write you weird messages over here like I use to. Or maybe I´ve been plain tired and out of the vibe and thats pretty much all.

Altough something that I love about being so much time on the streets lately, is the little hints that you left me everywhere and that finally I get the chance to look at without any pressure on me.
(I graduated recently from school you know)

So, btw, i´m looking right now at the message left by the mailer about not being here while he drop by to left me your package, and now I have to get it all the way to the store, and something that keeps me smiling everytime that I look at it is my security that you must be laughing because of that infamous "freezy curse" that you carry around in terms of our mails in times of cold winter. I hope that "flashy thingy" that you´re sending gets safe and well in my house after the trip hehe

I feel motivated to keep writing in this incoming days, I just finished the book that you recommend to me (crónica de una muerte anunciada) I loved it I think It does a pretty good job in making you feel like there´s hope in avoid something that from the start of the story it was being told. Makes me thing about our chef sessions in your house, and your poor potatoes hehe

Im starting a new book but as always I preffer to show you on cam anytime soon, we´ve a date remember. Hopefully I get the gift for that ocassion and I show ya how it looks after the trip

I´m doing fine, the few days that I had to get the chance to go to our garden, the old plaza, the muddy and lonely streets and the cold green sky it has been so...warm. I bet you been staring at them too often too, I have to start remembering how those streets in your place look like, so anytime you want to have that horrendous image of me, ruining your landscape, well, you get the security, and perhaps with all the luck in the world and all the moments helping me...

I stole a smile on your face, and a sigh perhaps......(a happy one I hope too!)

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